How Long Do Baby Birds (Swiftlet) Stay in the Nest?

For those of you who are bird nest lovers, of course you know that the thing you eat is “the residence” of a swallow that they built using his saliva. Usually, the nest has been used to incubate eggs and raise they baby. This may make you think, how long do the baby birds stay in the nest until the nest can be picked up and eaten?

Basically, how long do baby birds stay in the nest are varies. Baby swallows for example, need to grow from newborn to flying for only 40 to 50 days. This time difference depends on the season. 40 days for the rainy season, and 50 days for the dry season.

As long as those days, baby swallows will stay in the nest. Until they strong enough to fly.

Sound short? Wait a minute! Although it only takes 50 days for the baby swallow to go, for swallows farmer, the waiting time before they can take the nest is not that short. Because the time it takes for swiftlet farmer before taking the nest is not only based on how long do baby birds stay in the nest.

Swallow’s Live Cycle

Swallows take 50 to 80 days to mate and build a nest. When the swallow nest is ready, it will take them up to 10 days to lay eggs. After it lays its eggs, it takes about 20 to 28 days to hatch.

After the eggs hatching, the swallow mother still needs the nest for 40 to 50 days to raise the baby. It is only after the swallow baby can fly, the farmer will take the nest.

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In this way, swiftlets can still breed, and swiftlet farmer also still earn money. This is because the swallow has time to lay eggs and raise their young.

Besides being able to breed, this method is also good for the quality of the bird’s nest to be taken. Swallows also need time to rest before making nests again. Taking a nest as soon as a new nest is finished causes the swallow to re-create the nest. Causing the quality of the next swallow’s nest drops.

In addition to the poor quality of the nest, taking the nest when it has just been made is also bad for the survival of the swallow. In this process, the swiftlet farmer must throw the swallow eggs by force. Causing swallow breeding time to be hampered.

That is the reason why the price of swallow’s nest is very expensive. In addition to how long do baby birds stay in the nest, the process of processing bird nests is also very complicated.

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