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Slide Sarang Burung Walet Edible bird nest are bird nest created by edible-nest swiftlets, Indonesian swiftlets, and other swiftlets using solidified saliva, which are harvested for human consumption. They are particularly prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, high nutritional value in nutrients such as protein, and rich flavor.

Slide Manfaat Kesehatan Gizi Bergizi tinggi Beberapa di antaranya adalah protein, karbohidrat dan juga serat. best quality edible bird nest Mencegah resistensi insulin Konsumsi secara teratur dapat mencegah terjadinya resistensi insulin, yaitu kondisi dimana terjadi gangguan hormon yang mengatur kadar gula darah. Sumber asam amino Juga mengandung glikoprotein yang lebih mudah larut dan mengandung antioksidan. Kaya akan antioksidan Dapat melawan paparan radikal bebas pemicu berbagai penyakit. Sumber mineral terbaik Mengandung mineral seperti mangan, tembaga, seng dan kalsium.  Baik untuk perkembangan anak Dapat membantu mengurangi kelelahan, meningkatkan konsentrasi, dan memperkuat daya ingat.

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Jl. Singo Joyo, RT.004/RW.002, Tembelang, Kec. Tembelang, 

Kabupaten Jombang, Jawa Timur 61452


Among bird nest lovers, the name Indonesia must no strange, because Indonesia is the largest producer of edible bird nests in the world. Every year, Indonesia exports more than 2000 tons of bird nests all over the world. This amount far exceeds Malaysia as the second country with only 600 tons per year.


Of all the bird’s nests, not many can be consumed. This is because the birds nest which is generally consumed comes from the saliva of birds. However, not all birds make nests from their saliva. Because of this uniqueness, an edible birds nest is a rare and expensive item.

The habit of consuming birds nest is said to have been consumed since 400 years ago by the Chinese people. They believe that consuming a bird nest can improve health and endurance. This is because birds nest has many good nutrients such as protein and amino acids.

Akui Birdnest Indonesia is a raw bird nest processing factory located in Indonesia, precisely in Jombang, East Java. Processing post-harvest raw swiftlet nests into edible bird nests. The nests are then packed and shipped to various countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Also another country like the United States.

Established in 1997, Akui Birdnest Indonesia has a birds nest processing factory with an area of more than 2 hectares (2000 sqm2). Making Akui Birdnest Indonesia is one of the biggest birds nest manufacturers in Indonesia.

The processing of birds nest at Akui Birdnest is also carried out with the latest and greatest technology. Armed with modern tools and skilled laborers, Akui Birdnest’s products are of high quality and safe for consumption.

The safety for consumption of Akui Birdnest’s Product has also been tested with various official certificates from the Indonesian Ministry of Health and Animal Husbandry. Certified by Veterinary Control from the Health Service Ministry and Product Quarantine from the Health Service Quarantine Agency. This certificate is Akui Birdnest’s solid proof of their concern for customers’ safety consumption.

Akui Birdnest has also been officially registered as an exporter of birds nest from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. This official permit is proof of the security of transacting with Akui Birdnest, because consumers make transactions with credible and officially registered manufacturers.