Production Process

We provide hygienic and safe products to consumers by setting the highest standard of manufacturing.

Slide 1 Nest Sorting After we receive our raw bird's nest, we do initial sorting based on its shape, feather and color. After the sorting we store the bird's nest in a low temperature room. Step Slide 2 Cleansing To remove physical dirt, we cleanse the bird's nest in flowing water which also helps soften the nest for the next process. Step Slide 3 Feather Picking This process requires accuracy and patience in order to get the best outcome. Our trained staff handpick the residue to ensure there is no feather left behind. Step Slide 4 Grading We grade the bird’s nest based on its physical feature and sort it in groups. Step Slide 5 Heat Treatment In this process the nests will be steamed at 70 degrees Celcius for at least 3,5 seconds to eliminate bacteria, germs and avian influenza virus. Step Slide 6 Packaging When all the requirements are met, our products are ready to be shipped to our customers. Step Prev Next

Our Office:

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