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Our product line is categorized based on physical appearance including shapes and colors.

high quality birdnest

Celestial Crown Special

From borneo forests to your table, Celestial Akui Nest is the perfect form of nature’s benefits, It has a soft texture without any chemical additives or preservatives.

kalimantan bird nest

Celestial Angel Wings

With a color as white as cotton and a long shape, every goodness from Kalimantan forest, where the swiftlet farm is located, will make your day more nutritious.

birds nest soup indonesia

Crystal Snow

A mix of hard edges and small broken pieces, these nest parts are the best choice for affordable food and beverages prices in the market.

high quality affordable bird nest

Royal Cloud

Originated from high quality and high standard Kalimantan swiftlet farm, this nest is rich in benefits for your diet. The river stream nest has a natural white color with the shapes of small to big stripes.

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