About Akui bird nest

Story of Akui Bird Nest Indonesia

The company was founded in 1997, as one of its founders, Saad Abdillah, started his entrance in the bird nest business as a swallow’s nest collector that collects raw nests from breeders and trades them to factories to be processed further. It was Saad Abdillah’s grand vision to expand his business to Malaysia, Hong Kong and China which eventually introduced him to Alan Law, a Malaysian collector and successful businessman. 

In 2007 Alan and Saad Abdillah collaborated for the first time and increased the quantity of raw edible bird nest to be distributed amongst factories nationally.

However, the bird nest crisis in 2011 led Alan to migrate to China and master the art of producing the highest level of cleaning development of raw edible bird nest.

Alan’s dedication and state-of-the-art products gained the trust and loyalty of a large base of bird nest customers in China as he provided some of the best ready-to-consume bird nest available on the market.

With the desire to establish a production factory which can produce the best quality of bird nest, Alan and Saad finally collaborated with Ahmad Wakid who has more than 30 years of experience in International Market in Branding and Consumer field.


The year 2018 marked the beginning of Alan, Ahmad Wakid and Saad Abdillah profound production plant. Assisted by years of strong experiences and complimented by the most advanced technologies in its field, they have become the leading expert in topnotch quality, ready-to-consume bird nest throughout Indonesia.

PT. AKUI燕窝印度尼西亚还通过提供大量劳动力来努力改善周围社区的生活水平,並且一直是许多当地社区计划背后的推动力,以便为社区提供最佳的教育并应对。印尼的环境挑战。


The name AKUI is taken from the feng shui elements of Wood (木 mù) and Earth (土 tǔ) which are believed to balance the Water element in the bird nest so that it brings astounding health benefits to those whom consume it


alan law ceo akui bird nest indonesia

Alan Law

CEO & Founder

ahmad wakid director akui bird nest indonesia

Ahmad Wakid

Managing Director & Founder

Sa'at founder akui bird nest indonesia

Saad Abdillah

Commissioner & Founder

Our Office:

Jl. Singo Joyo, RT.004/RW.002, Tembelang, Kec. Tembelang, 

Kabupaten Jombang, Jawa Timur 61452